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All the letters and forms you will need are provided here…..so all you have to do is print and mail or fax the documents to the appropriate company  and/or individual. We’ve even provided a check list so you don’t forget an important step. Click here for printable check list.


The steps listed below will guide you through the process.

BrightStar Credit Union Routing/Transit Number:  267078299

1. Apply for a BrightStar CU Checking Account. Stop by one of our branches or join right now online.


2. Once you receive your new debit card  and/or checks, stop using your former account. ( Please allow 10 business days). Be sure to leave sufficient funds in your former account to cover all outstanding checks/items and automatic payments for a month or two. Dispose of your old checks and any debit or credit cards associated with that account.


3. We’ll help you to arrange to transfer your direct deposit to your new checking account.  We may even have your company’s Direct Deposit form at the branch.


If you receive Social Security payments, call 800-772-1213 or visit www.socialsecurity.gov to make the switch.


BrightStar Direct Deposit form

Direct Deposit Change Request (employer deposit, government deposits, brokerage account deposits etc.)


4. If you have any automatic payments (automatic deductions from your former checking account) contact the vendor with your new account information. We can help you with this too.  (Mortgage/rent, credit card payments, investments, association fees, gym memberships, utilities, internet and phone service, auto payments and more)


Authorization for Canceling Automatic Payment

Authorization for Automatic Payment Change (change payment)

Authorization for Automatic Payment (new payment)

5. Close your old bank account. Allow all outstanding checks and automatic payments to clear first and balance your former account.  Ask the bank for your remaining funds and close the account.


Account Closing Request

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