Online Banking FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)


Please read Online Banking FAQs below. For general Credit Union FAQs (not related to Online Banking) please click here.


Please Note:

We recently upgraded Online Banking.  Click here to see our New Online Banking overview page.  In addition we mailed several letters to members, which you can read below. Simply click the link to open a PDF of the letter.


  • How will I login to the New Online Banking?

    How will I login to the New Online Banking?

    Once the new system launches, you will login right from the home page.

    THE FIRST TIME YOU LOGIN to new Online Banking, you MUST select “First Time User” to reestablish your online account. Simply follow the instructions on the screen. Use your member number (your account number without suffixes) and your existing Call24 PIN.  You will also be prompted to:


    • Change your Online Banking password,
    • Agree to the Online Banking agreement,
    • Confirm or provide your email address, and
    • Setup your challenge questions for security purposes.


    Once you complete the above steps, you’re good to go. The next time you login, simply do so right from the BrightStar home page (

  • What is my Call24 PIN?

    Your Call24 PIN is the same as your previous Online Banking PIN, and it’s the PIN you may have used to access our telephone banking system. If you do not remember your member number or PIN, call BrightStar CU and a representative will assist you. (954-486-2728 or 800-637-2728)

  • What’s my password/PIN?

    Traditionally, you’ve logged into Online Banking using your member number and your Call24 PIN. Now, when you login for the first time, you’ll set a new Online Banking password. This password will now be separate from your Call24 PIN (which is the same as your current Online Banking password). Your existing Call24 PIN will not change when you update your Online Banking account.


  • Where do I go to login into the New Online Banking?

    Simply login right from the website. If you previously bookmarked another URL in your internet browser, please update it to (or

  • Will there be changes to the e-Statement service?

    No.  You’ll still click the e-statement link to view your statements online. If you haven’t registered yet for e-Statements, the system will prompt you to register. The service is free.

  • How do I access my BrightStar credit card information online?

    BrightStar credit card users will no longer need a separate login (to EZCardInfo) to access credit card information.  Now you simply login to Online Banking from the home page, and then you’ll see your credit card listed on your Account Summary page. Then you just click your card for more detailed information and functionality.

  • How do I setup an Online Banking Scheduled Transfer?

    Simply login to new Online Banking at On your Account Summary page, select “Scheduled Transfers” from the Accounts menu. On the Scheduled Transfers screen, choose Add New Scheduled Transfer and follow the instructions to establish a new transfer.

  • What will happen to the Account Alerts that I previously set up?

    Previously setup Online Banking Alerts will NOT be transferred from the old to the new system. This means you will need to reestablish your desired Alerts in the new Online Banking system on or after March 14. No additional alerts will occur from the current/old system once we switch to the new system. This will not impact existing Online BillPay notifications; BillPay notifications will transfer to the new system. For instructions, see below.


  • How do I set up Account Alerts?

    Simply login to the new Online Banking. On your Account Summary page, select “Alerts” from the Online Services menu. Then choose “Add New Alert” and follow the instructions to setup and save your alert. TIP: You can receive Alerts when your balance falls below a certain amount, when a deposit has posted to your account, when a loan payment is past due—plus many more options. With the new system you can also receive alerts as a text message to a mobile device (or choose to receive an email).


  • What will happen to the “Account to Account” transfers that I previously set up.

    The old Online Banking had a feature called “Account to Account” transfer which could be used to make a BrightStar loan payment from another financial institution. With new Online Banking, this feature is called “Linked Accounts.”  Previously setup linked accounts will NOT transfer to the new system. This means users will need to re-link their external account on or after March 14 in order to utilize this feature. Please note that it can take a few days after you begin the process for the “Linked Account” feature to be operational. Important: Be advised that loans due around March 14th will need to be paid through other means of payment, such as mailing in the payment or stopping by a branch for this month. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. See “Linked Accounts” set up instructions below.


  • How do I use the “Linked Account” feature to make a loan payment from another financial institution?

    Simply login to new Online Banking from Choose “Linked Accounts” from the Accounts Menu and then follow these steps:


    1. Add an Account. Under Add a New Account select ‘Bank Account’ for Account Type. Complete all of the empty fields with the correct information from your other financial institution. Then click the ‘Add Account’ button.
    2. Verify Your Account. Within a couple of business days, we’ll make two small deposits to your other financial institution account. After that, come back to this page and click on ‘Complete Verification’. Then enter the transaction amounts to complete the setup.
    3. Make a Transfer. Once you’ve verified your account, you will be able to make a transfer. Simply select “Transfer” from the Accounts menu, and you’ll be able to choose your linked account from the drop down menu. Please Note: Transfers need to be created before 1:00 PM Eastern Time to be processed on the next business day.
  • Can I change my Member ID?

    With new Online Banking, you’ll have the option to change your login ID to a unique Member ID of your choosing. If you do this, your member number will stay the same, but you will login to Online Banking with your personal Member ID instead of your member number. So if you want to login as “NumberOneMom” or “WorldsBestSaver” (or something else), you can do so. You set your Member ID after you’ve logged in right on the Account Summary page.


  • Is Business Online Banking changing?

    Not now. Business Online Banking users can simply click the “Business” tab on our home page or bookmark to login. At this time, Business Online Banking is not changing—so there’s no need for you to reestablish your online account. We do have plans to upgrade Business Online banking later in 2011.


  • How do I view pending debit or ACH transactions?

    From your Account Summary page, simply click on your account (i.e. your checking account) to view the history screen for that account. On the top of the History page will be listed any pending debit or ACH transactions.


  • What about mobile banking?

    If you prefer to access Online Banking through a mobile device, just go to That’s a special site optimized for smaller devices where you’ll be able to sign in to a special mobile web version of Online Banking.


  • How do I view my account history?

    From your Account Summary page, simply click on your account (i.e. your checking account) to view the history screen for that account.


  • How can I make a BrightStar credit card payment from Online Banking?

    You can easily make your BrightStar credit card payment online; however, the main Transfer function in Online Banking will not work for this purpose. Here’s how to make a card payment:


    1. Login to BrightStar Online Banking from our home page. On your Account Summary page, you will see your credit card listed.
    2. Click on your credit card, and the system will automatically log you into your card account.
    3. Select the “Make a Payment” link. You can view your payment history, make a one-time payment, manage recurring payments and more. Simply follow the on-screen instructions.
  • What browser is best used with BrightStar Online Banking?

    Online Banking supports the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Firefox 3.1 or greater and Safari 5.0 or greater. Other versions and other browsers may work, but we cannot guarantee it. We encourage you to update your browser and/or use any of these browsers above for the best results.




  • How do I download my account information from Online Banking for use in Quicken, MS Money or Quick Books?

    1. 1. From the Account Summary page, select “Export” under the “Accounts” menu. You will then be directed to an Export Page.
    2. On the Export Page, choose the following information from 3 drop down menus: The account from which you wish to download information, the desired date range, and the type of file you wish to download. (The available types are MS Money, Quicken Web Connect, Quick Books Web Connect and a CSV file.)
    3. After you make the above selections, click the “Download Data” button. This will download the file and save it to your computer (to either your desktop, to your downloads folder or a similar location.)
    4. You can then upload the data to your money management software. Note: The functionality for Quicken Web Connect is coming soon.

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