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Common Questions

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  • How do I join BrightStar CU?

    When you open a BrightStar CU account, you become a member. Your membership is your passport to a whole world of Credit Union services. Join for as little as $1. Once you‘re a member, you're eligible to apply for other accounts—including checking, loans, credit cards, and more. We offer 3 convenient ways to join:


    • Submit an application online
    • Complete a PDF application online, then mail it
    • Visit your nearest BrightStar CU branch location
  • Who is eligible to join?

    Anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Broward, Collier, Lee, Martin, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach OR St. Lucie Counties, Florida


    BrightStar CU serves Broward Schools, as we've proudly done for nearly 60 years.


    We provide services to local Partner Organizations, which offer BrightStar CU as a benefit to their employees.


    Family members of the above named groups are also eligible to join.

  • How do I get support for Online BillPay??

    Support for Online BillPay is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling


  • What does Online Banking and Online BillPay cost?

    BrightStar CU’s Online Banking and Online BillPay are both totally free for personal accounts. For Business accounts, Online Banking is free; Online Billpay may hava a fee depending on your account. Ask a representative for details.

  • Will there be changes to the e-Statement service?

    No.  You’ll still click the e-statement link to view your statements online. If you haven’t registered yet for e-Statements, the system will prompt you to register. The service is free.

  • How do I apply for a loan at BrightStar CU?

    BrightStar CU offers several convenient ways to apply for a loan:

    • Apply online.
    • Apply on the phone. Just call 954.486.BSCU (2728) or toll free 800.637.BSCU.
    • Visit a BrightStar CU branch location
  • How do I setup an Online Banking Scheduled Transfer?

    Simply login to new Online Banking at bscu.org. On your Account Summary page, select “Scheduled Transfers” from the Accounts menu. On the Scheduled Transfers screen, choose Add New Scheduled Transfer and follow the instructions to establish a new transfer.

  • What is the BrightStar CU routing number or ABA number?

    The BrightStar CU transit/ABA routing number is 267078299.


    Additionally, your BrightStar CU Checking account number is a 13 digit number that appears on the bottom of your checks (after the BrightStar CU routing and transit number). Your BrightStar CU Savings or loan account numbers will be your 6 digit member number followed by your 2 digit account or loan suffix/type. If you don't know your suffix, check your statement, call us, or view your suffix using Online Banking.

  • How do I make a wire transfer?

    To wire funds from your account at BrightStar CU to another financial institution, simply visit your nearest BrightStar CU branch location, or you may call BrightStar CU to coordinate a wire transfer via fax.


    You will need the other financial institution’s wiring instructions—which typically includes the bank’s name, their correct routing/transit number and the individual’s name and account number to which funds will be wired. BrightStar CU requires a signature in order to wire funds. In addition, we will need to verify your identity for security purposes. To initiate an international wire transfer, additional information will be required—including both the receiving institution’s and individual’s addresses. Ask a BrightStar CU representative for information about wire transfer fees.


    If you are receiving a wire transfer of funds from elsewhere, the person initiating the transfer will need to provide your name and account number at BrightStar CU as well as BrightStar CU’s routing/transit number (267078299) and our name (BrightStar Credit Union). For fee amounts and or more information regarding wire transfers please see Our Disclosures

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