Latest Fraud Alerts

Security Alert: Some individuals recently received a text message asking for account information.

A text message was recently sent to people in south Florida about their debit card. The full text of the message is as follows: "Your BrightStar Credit Union debit card has a pending alert. Call now free: 1-866-531-xxxx and follow instructions to resolve this alert." Note: The phone number in the message has since been disconnected.


BrightStar did not send this text message. The message was an attempt at fraud called "phishing," which means someone tried to trick people into providing their account information.


No BrightStar data has been compromised. Your account information is safe and secure. The only connection to the Credit Unon is that the message mentions our name. The message was sent to some members and to people unrelated to the Credit Union (non-members).


If you receive a message like this, ignore it. Do not call the phone number nor reply to the message in any way. Never provide your account information to someone unless you know who it is. BrightStar will NEVER send you a text message or email asking you to verify your account information.


If you did mistakenly provide your account information to a suspected fraudster, please contact the Credit Union.


Haitian Earthquake Relief Fraud Alert

Please be advised that there is a warning from the FBI regarding Haitian donation fraud scams.

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Text Message Scam Alert

The Credit Union has become aware of a new text message scam being circulated to both members and non-members. It is important to note that fraudsters send these text messages to a large list of random telephone numbers, hoping to reach a few members with the text message.


The current fraudulent text message claims that “we have detected unusual activity on your account.” You are then prompted to call an 800 telephone number with instructions to provide sensitive information including Credit Card Number, Pin Number, and Account Number.


What to Watch For:

  • Urgent Requests for Personal Information
  • A Link to a Website in the Email
  • Threats, Urgency, and Too-Good-to-Be-True Offers


It is very important to remember that BrightStar Credit Union never asks for personal information through text message, email or by phone. BrightStar Credit Union never provides a link to a website through email.

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Online Banking Password Reset Scam

There are reports of a scam that is circulating at a variety of financial institutions regarding a screen that appears during the login process to online banking. This page is generated from malware located on your personal computer. Malware is a general term for software programs that have been designed with or can be used for malicious intent. These include viruses, worms and Trojans.


After the consumer authenticates on the web site (enters password information), a page appears requesting personal card information to "confirm their identity". The page appears to be coming from us, but it is not. Please do not input your personal information. Seek professional assistance to clean your personal computer of this infection as soon as possible.


Here is a screen shot of what it may look like:

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Email Fraud Alert

There are currently fraudulent emails circulating that appear to be from either the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) or the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) asking for personal account information. Please delete this email, as it is fraudulent and a phishing scam. Contact your credit union if you have additional questions.

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Internet Fraud Information

The Internet offers a global marketplace for consumers and businesses. But crooks also recognize the potentials of cyberspace. The same scams that have been conducted by mail and phone can now be found on the World Wide Web and in email, and new cyberscams are emerging.

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